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A History of BAND-AID® Brand Innovation

1920 - BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages make their first appearance on the market. They are made by hand and are not a big hit. They were three inches wide and eighteen inches long. Only $3,000 worth were sold the first year.

1924 - The little red string used to open BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages wrappers makes its first appearance.

1938 - Completely sterile bandages are introduced.

1942 - Millions of adhesive bandages go overseas as part of the war effort

1951 - Plastic strips are introduced.

1956 - Decorative bandages are introduced - "Stars and Strips" (not Stripes).

1957 - Clear Strips bandages are introduced.

1958 - BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages are first produced in sheer vinyl.

1963 - Adhesive bandages go into space with Mercury astronauts.

1971 - Brooke Shields appears in a BAND-AID® Brand television commercial.

1975 - Terri Garr appears in a BAND-AID® Brand television commercial

1975 - John Travolta appears in a BAND-AID® Brand television commercial

1982 - Chris Evert appears in a BAND-AID® Brand television commercial

1988 - Perestroika arrives in Eastern Europe and so does BAND-AID® Brand.

1994 - BAND-AID® Brand SPORT STRIP® Adhesive Bandages are introduced

1995 - 75th Anniversary

1997 - Introduction of BAND-AID® Brand Antibiotic Adhesive Bandages, the first ever adhesive bandage to have specially formulated antibiotic ointment right on the pad.

2000 - BAND-AID® Brand Advanced Healing is the latest generation in wound care available to consumers.

2001 - Over 100 billion BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages have been made to date... and is launched!

2002 - Introduction of a revolutionary new concept from BAND-AID® Brand – the Liquid Bandage that promotes fast healing on contact.

2005 - BAND-AID® Brand celebrates its 85th Anniversary and re-launches limited edition tins.

2006 - Re-launch of plus Antibiotic with new look and more line extensions.

2007 - BAND-AID® Brand brings back "I am stuck on BAND-AID Brand" jingle with new commercial.

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