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First Aid for Frostbite: Hypothermia Symptoms & Treatment


DO NOT break blisters, rub affected area, or apply heat lamps or hot water bottles. DO NOT attempt rapid thawing if refreezing is a possibility.


  1. Move victim into warm room as soon as possible.
  2. Be alert for breathing difficulties; start rescue breathing techniques if necessary.
  3. Remove wet or frozen clothing. Immediately re-warm victim by wrapping in blankets.
  4. Give victim hot liquids to drink, only if conscious (not alcohol).
  5. Call 911 or your local EMS in severe cases.



  1. Most frostbite requires a call to 911 or your local EMS, or a trip to the hospital for professional medical help.
  2. While you wait for help, remove wet clothing and warm affected areas as quickly as possible by covering with clothing and blankets. Do not allow warmed area to become frozen again.