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Blister Care Basics: Treatment & Prevention

A blister is one tiny wound that can be one major annoyance, but with the right know-how, you can help prevent them from showing up in the first place. Discover simple steps for preventing and caring for blisters so that you can recover faster, stay active and STICK WITH IT™ all year round.

What is a blister?

A blister is a fluid-filled bump that resembles a bubble on the skin and often results from intense rubbing against the skin that generates friction and irritation. While painful and annoying, blisters are actually the body’s way of protecting your skin from further damage. The good news is that they can be easily treated at home and may even be prevented if the proper precautions are taken.

Close-up images of hands gardening, a ballet dancer wearing a foot blister bandage and a carpenter wearing a blister bandage

How to Prevent Blisters

Whether you’re a tenacious athlete or have a budding green thumb, you can prevent blisters from forming by following these simple tips:

  • Walking/Running—Prevent blisters on feet by wearing shoes that fit properly and sports socks that absorb moisture and keep your feet dry
  • Protect blisters on heels by wearing BAND-AID® Brand HYDRO SEAL® Blister Cushions on your heel or ankle when breaking in a new pair of shoes to reduce friction between your skin and the shoe. Wear socks or hosiery for an extra layer of protection.
  • Gardening & Housework—Prevent blisters on hands by wearing gloves when working to protect your hands from friction and rubbing caused by tools such as hand trowels, screwdrivers, and hammers.

How to Care for Blisters

  • Do not drain the blister unless directed by a health care professional as this may make you more susceptible to infection.
  • Cover with a BAND-AID® Brand HYDRO SEAL® Blister Cushion
  • Keep the blister clean and covered until completely healed.

Don’t let blisters hold you back from enjoying the activities you love most. Discover more tips for staying prepared to care for minor wounds by clicking here.