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Answers to Your Wound Care Questions

Help your cuts heal faster by discovering the solutions for some of the most frequently asked wound care questions.

What happens if I don’t clean my cut?

Cleaning your cut is important to the cut healing process as it helps remove dirt and germs that could cause infection. In addition, BAND-AID® Brand HURT-FREE® Antiseptic Wash* can help temporarily relieve the pain and discomfort of your cut or scrape.

What happens if I don’t use NEOSPORIN®?

NEOSPORIN® + Pain, Itch, Scar* provides 24-hour infection protection and kills germs so you can heal four days faster**. It may also help minimize the appearance of scars.

*For adults and children 2 years and older

**versus bandage alone

How long does it take a cut to heal?

No two bodies or wounds are the same, so healing times are variable. However, deeper cuts do typically take longer to heal. Remember, too, that wounds that are allowed to scab take longer to heal as healthy cells have a difficult time closing the gap around the dried, crusty cells of a scab. To help heal wounds faster, keep your wound moist and covered.

How long does it take for a burn to heal?

Like cuts, the more severe the burn, the longer it will generally take to heal. To help heal burns fast, try moist healing with a covered bandage.

How long should I keep my wound covered?

You should keep your wound covered until it is fully healed. Uncovering your wound when it is partially healed risks scabbing and re-injury, both of which may delay healing and increase scarring. If you have concerns about infection or especially slow healing, speak to your doctor.

How often should I change a bandage on a wound?

Keeping your bandage fresh is an important part of the healing process. If you’re especially active or involved in dirty activities like gardening, change your bandage daily, when wet, or more often as needed using clean hands. If you already have a scab, it’s not too late to begin covering to reduce the chances of re-injury from scab-scratching or tearing.

What happens if I don’t keep my minor wound covered?

An uncovered wound has a greater chance of infection, may heal more slowly, and is more likely to scab. An uncovered cut or scrape may also have a greater risk of scarring.

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