BAND-AID® Brand’s Commitment to the Bigger Picture

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Better Ingredients, Better Processes

We prioritize safety and quality in the development of every wound care product:

  • Every piece of material in our BAND-AID® Brand bandages and every ingredient in our antibiotic treatments are chosen with safety as the top concern. We thoroughly vet each supplier and only partner with those who meet our rigorous standards.

  • Our over-the-counter active ingredients have proven to be the best quality through safety assurance processes and ongoing evaluation.

  • Our manufacturing facilities undergo regular audits and certification so that we can ensure our products are manufactured with the highest standards and comply with most discerning regulatory standards.

  • Our scientists ensure the safety and efficacy of our products through clinical studies and laboratory models.

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Our Planet, Our Responsibility

We can’t have healthy customers without a healthy planet. So we do our best to minimize our footprint on it and are constantly investigating new ways to minimize it further.

  • Most of our BAND-AID® Brand adhesive bandages cardboard cartons are fully recyclable.

  • Our adhesive bandage cardboard cartons contain a minimum of 30% post consumer–use cardboard.

  • We include a How2Recycle® label on BAND-AID® Brand bandage packages to help consumers properly dispose of them.

  • We’re working towards making all of our packaging fully recyclable, including our sterile bandage wrappers.

  • We’re continually re-evaluating our manufacturing processes, working towards efficiencies, minimizing waste, and lowering water or energy consumption.

  • We have an ongoing effort to make sure our plastic bottles and packaging used in antiseptic washes are fully recyclable and use post-consumer material to help achieve zero-waste efforts.

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Supporting Communities, Big and Small

We believe it’s our responsibility to address health needs and inequities in our communities where we can.

Each year, we partner with different grassroots organizations that are helping people meet their basic needs and progressing towards thriving better. Feeding America® and CARE® are two such organizations we’ve worked with recently.

We’re immensely proud to partner with the National Black Nursing Association and The Foundation of the National Student Nurses Association to support Black nurses. By offering scholarships and highlighting their stories, our partnerships will help foster equity and showcase the presence of Black health care workers in our health care system.

Internationally, we partner with the Global Fund to support programs that help prevent and treat HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa.

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