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Discover Our Newest Wound Care Innovation

Learn how BAND-AID® Brand PRO HEAL™ creates an ideal environment for 60% better healing†.

†Based on a 7-day average of percentage of subjects showing improvement of general wound appearance compared to standard of care

Assortment of BAND-AID® Brand limited-edition collection of cute & fun bandages laid out on a blue background

Accessorize Every Adventure

Get ready to flex your creative side with our three new limited edition designs, available at all major retailers.

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Kits to Keep You Ready

Our all-in-one first aid kits have everything you need to be prepared, including BAND-AID® Brand bandages, cleansing wipes, gauze, NEOSPORIN® cream, and more.

Adult placing a Band-Aid adhesive bandage on a child’s foot.

Packs of All Shapes & Sizes

Be prepared for any cut, scrape, or burn with our variety packs of assorted bandages in different shapes, sizes, and bandage types.

Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandage Family Pack & Variety Pack.

Made to Meet the Wound Care Needs of Those with Brown Skin Tones

BAND-AID® Brand OURTONE™ Adhesive Bandages provide quality wound care solutions for brown skin tones. The line features three new skin tone complementing adhesive bandage shades: BR65 (Dark Brown), BR55 (Brown), BR45 (Light Brown)

Find the Best Bandage for the Job

Not sure which BAND-AID® Brand adhesive bandage to pick? Our Product Recommender can help you find the one that’ll do the trick.

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