Discover the Essentials of Caring for Your Wounds

First Aid Basics

Find out how to properly treat cuts, scrapes, and burns so you can feel confident handling these first aid basics.

Post-Surgery Care and Recovery

Find out how to care for your incision—and yourself—after surgery to help prevent infection so you can recover faster.

Diabetes Wound Care

Find out how to better manage your care and minimize the risk of complications with first aid knowledge essential for people with diabetes.

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First Aid Basics
Scabs and How to Heal Them

Learn about scabs and how they contribute to the healing process.

First Aid Basics
Hydrocolloid Bandages

Find out how hydrocolloid bandages help heal acne and other wounds.

First Aid Basics
Fast Healing for Wounds and Cuts

Find useful tips for limiting the risk of infection.

First Aid Basics
First Aid Kit Checklist

Discover everything to include in your first aid kits with our helpful guide.

First Aid Basics
How to Prevent Scars

Learn how to prevent scarring and find out about the different reasons scarring can occur.

First Aid Basics
Blisters: Causes, Prevention & Treatment

Learn what blisters are and how to care for and prevent them.

First Aid Basics
How to Treat a Burn At Home

Learn how to treat a burn and find out about the different types.

Taking care search result image
Post-Surgery Care & Recovery
Incision Care

Get day-to-day details on how to recover quickly.

C-section search result image
Post-Surgery Care & Recovery
C-Section Recovery

How to heal while caring for your baby.

Beyond cuts and scrapes search result image
First Aid Basics
Beyond Cuts & Scrapes: How to Treat Other Types of Minor Wounds

Find out how to care for a variety of everyday injuries.

Follow Up and Follow Through search result image
First Aid Basics
Follow Up & Follow Through

You’ve been treated, but there’s still more care to come.

Covered wounds heal faster image
First Aid Basics
Understanding Bandaging

Get details on how and why to cover your cuts.

Cleaning and caring injuries image
First Aid Basics
Before You Bandage

What to do with an injury before covering it up.

Diabetes wound care search result image
Diabetes Wound Care
Proper Wound, Foot & Skin Care for Diabetes

Learn about special foot care, wound care & skin care for those with diabetes.

Post surgery search result image
Post-Surgery Care & Recovery
Take Care on the Road to Recovery

How to rest up and recover well.

Caring for everyday injuries search result image
First Aid Basics
Caring for Everyday Injuries

Don’t let a minor injury turn into a major worry.

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